Common Furnace Issues During the Winter

Dec 22, 2020

Winter is here — and the best part about this time of the year is warming up! There’s no doubt it’s hard to make it through the season without your heating system performing at its best. Unfortunately, many people face furnace problems once they start using their heating system again after some months. But the issue may be fixed with a quick tip or a simple filter replacement or even require a professional furnace repair. Let’s discuss some of the common furnace issues you may face during the winter and what to do about them.

Frozen Pipes & Coils

As temperature drops, pipes and coils can accumulate ice and stop functioning seamlessly. Sometimes, frozen pipes may burst due to the pressure buildup, leading to a costly emergency repair. If you suspect your frozen pipes to be the cause of the cold temperature in your house, call for professional help and turn off your home’s water while the technician arrives.

Clogged Furnace Filters
Due to the overuse of the furnace, filters may get excessively dirty. This can make your furnace work harder and lead to increased energy expenses. Inspect and clean your filters on a regular basis and invest in new filters every one to three months. Let the warm air flow in smoothly through clean filters so you can enjoy a comfortable temperature inside your house.

Uneven Heating

You notice some rooms in your house to be properly heated while others have an uncomfortable cold temperature. Besides your dirty air filter, air leaks around doorways and windowsills may be the reason for uneven airflow and temperature. Look for any holes or cracks or get your vents and ducts inspected for blockages if the issue persists. The blower motor on the heating system could also be another cause of uneven heating in your home.

Faulty Pilot Light
While outdated furnace models have a pilot light that needs to be re-lit, current furnace models have electronic ignition. When this blue flame doesn’t burn properly, you will face the loss of warmth in your home. In case you see a misbehaving pilot light, rely on a professional for a diagnosis. The flame sensor may be unclean or damaged. And a technician will be happy to clean or change it for you.

Furnace Noises
Most newer models of furnaces are designed for noise reduction. Therefore, strange and loud noises coming from your furnace is a strong sign of a serious internal problem. The right thing to do if you hear any unusual furnace noise is to switch off the power and gas to the unit and get in touch with a professional. Depending on the type of noise, technicians will inspect your furnace and discover the exact issue.

Broken Thermostat
If your furnace turns on and off frequently, it will cause heating issues, increase energy bills, and wear down equipment faster. Once in a while, the problem resides in the thermostat’s electronics rather than the appliance’s hardware. Professionals can fix any faulty wiring behind the thermostat or completely rewire it. In case the thermostat needs a replacement, switch to a programmable model.

If you face any of the above-discussed problems or other complex furnace issues this winter, don’t hesitate to contact experts at Arellano Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC. Our highly trained and licensed technicians are always ready to tackle any heating problem.

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