Natural Gas and Propane: What are the Differences?

Nov 4, 2020


Propane is stored in tanks and other forms of storage, which allows the liquid to be quite mobile. For transitory folks and those who live far from other people, propane is a popular (and sometimes necessary) option for home heating. To keep such systems up and running, propane has to be purchased and brought to the home to be burned.

Natural gas, on the other hand, is transported to homes through underground pipelines. In both large cities and small towns, a complex, yet suitable system of pipes easily delivers gas to those who need it.


Determining which heat source is more affordable depends on the individual situation and set of circumstances. Markets will dictate the price for both fuels, and, as mentioned previously, personal location will also affect what options are available. It’s important to stay current with up-to-date information regarding local prices for natural gas and propane, as research will ultimately lead you to the right decisions.

Energy efficiency

Both natural gas and propane are fossil fuels. However, both are considered to be on the greener side of things, providing less of a carbon footprint than other sources of energy.

Natural gas, however, is toxic, while propane vapor is not. Although it is still unhealthy to inhale propane vapor of any level, the immediate effects are not as harmful as natural gas.

Propane is heavier than natural gas, which means it takes longer to dissipate within the atmosphere. In a technical sense, natural gas can be seen as a better alternative, as it spends less time as a single entity when burned and released into the environment.

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