Prepping Your HVAC For Savings And The Hot Weather Ahead

May 11, 2020

As the days get hotter, your AC can increase your total electricity cost significantly. However, you don’t have to trade off comfort to save money on your home’s cooling cost. Use these cool ideas and tips to achieve a perfect balance between energy efficiency and a comfortable home.

Prevent Summer Heat Gains
Outside heat can enter your home unnoticed, inflating your cooling cost. Check all such sources of heat gains. Keep your windows closed and shaded, especially the sun-struck ones. On the inside, use window coverings with a high shading coefficient to block the sun. On the outside, install screen shades and awnings as well as plant trees and shrubs to keep the windows shaded. Caulk around the windows frames too.

Also, weatherize your home properly. You can even get a home energy audit done to detect wastage of energy and find areas where improvements can be made.

Keep Your Air Vents Open
Leave most of the air vents in the total air-conditioned space of your home open. The pressure imbalance caused by closed vents impacts the cooling efficiency of your system.

Put Your AC Fan To Work On “Auto” Mode
Turning the air conditioning fan to auto functionality means it is automatically turned off when the AC is not cooling. Selecting “Auto” instead of “On” equals less energy consumption.

Upgrade Your Old Unit To One With A Higher SEER Rating
If it is time to replace your cooling system, buy a system with a good SEER rating. Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) tells you about the efficiency of heat pumps and ACs. Higher ratings mean better cooling results for your dollar. Your HVAC contractor can help you choose the right level of efficiency rating for your home.

Make Sure You Get The Right Size Of Cooling System
Aside from the SEER rating, you also have to get the correct size of the HVAC system for your home. This is important because the perfectly sized system will be able to run properly scheduled, full cycles, ensuring that the area remains cooler for longer durations.

Use Your Ceiling Fan
Turn on your ceiling fan and set it to blow the air downwards. This will create a wind-chill effect, making you feel cooler. Ultimately, you can enjoy a comfortably cool environment even at comparatively higher temperatures.

Clean Your Outdoor Unit
The air conditioning components located outside of the home can get obstructed. Debris accumulation, weed growth, fallen twigs, encroaching greenery, and other obstructions hinder the air flowing through the condenser, reducing the unit’s ability to function efficiently. Clean the exteriors of your unit to keep your indoor space cool and comfortable.

Change Filters More Frequently
With the weather getting hotter and ACs working harder as we are spending more time indoors to stay safe from the Coronavirus infection, the filters will get dirty quickly. A dirty and clogged filter makes your unit work harder to cool your home. Keep a check on your filters and replace them at least once every month.

Schedule An Annual Tuneup
Having your system regularly checked and maintained by a professional is crucial to keep it working at its peak level year after year. Hiring the right company who has the experience and license is essential for getting the best results. Regular maintenance also benefits you by prolonging the service life of your system.

Arellano Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC in Yerington and Fernley, Nevada, has the experience and skills to give your HVAC unit the servicing it needs to maintain efficiency. Our highly trained technicians can detect even small issues before they develop into costly repair jobs. We are serving all of Lyon County, Mineral County, and Churchill County and are also providing 24-hour emergency service. Call us to schedule your HVAC maintenance service today!

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