How to Know its Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Apr 9, 2020

It is a nightmare to have your water heater fail. A water heater is crucial for daily chores and a good long bath. But all good things come to a halt. Rather than waiting for a catastrophe, be alert for the following indicators and consider water heater replacement.

The Lifespan of Water Heater
If your water heater has exceeded the limit of 10 years, it may be time to replace it. You can determine the age of the water heater by checking the serial number on the manufacturer’s sticker. The life of gas water heaters and electric tanks may vary depending on the proper maintenance and quality use. Do check your warranty for the most accurate timelines.

Signs of Leaks
When the metal expands in your heater due to exposure to heating cycles, and slight fractures form, water may start leaking through the gap. Leaks may worsen and may even lead to major flooding in case the water heater bursts. As soon as you find a leak, have your tank inspected, and if recommended, quickly replaced by an experienced HVAC professional.

Loud Noises
If you hear knocking, rumbling and gurgling sounds from your water heater, there are chances something is not right with your water heater. As your heater ages, sediment starts to buildup on the bottom. As sediment heats up and hardens, it bangs against the heater, causing loud sounds. This, in turn, leads to a leaking water heater. Although for a shorter period, you may flush your water heater regularly to get rid of any deposits from the tank’s heating elements, the permanent solution is to replace your water heater for good!

Cold, Discolored or Cloudy Water
Rust-colored water or metallic odor in water is a clear sign your heater is not performing at its optimum. The technician may either replace the sacrificial anode rod or suggest a replacement if the tank itself is starting to rust. This happens mostly because of corrosion at the steel lining. In case you see cloudy water, it is an indication of a sediment buildup inside the tank. Also, if you encounter the presence of cold water, a heating element may be damaged.

Constant Repairs
If day by day, you are experiencing poor performance of your water heater, or faulty heater parts, be ready to face more problems or simply consider water heater replacement before more damage is done to your home.

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