Fighting Over The Thermostat? Ways to Keep Everyone Comfortable This Winter

Dec 20, 2019

With winter comes the need of cranking up the thermostat. With the thermostat, comes the age-old debate of what the ‘comfortable temperature’ is. While one temperature may be too hot for some, others will find it to be too cold.

If you too are fighting the ‘thermostat-war’ at your house, here are some tips that may help you sign a peace treaty with everyone –

  • Use Programmable Thermostats: Using a programmable thermostat will make everyone happy with the temperature as well as save you a lot of money. Programmable thermostats automatically change to a comfortable temperature when you arrive home and help save energy when no one is present. You can also set the temperature according to your comfort via the smartphone app before coming home. This way, you will enter your home and enjoy your desired temperature.
  • Place A Blanket In Each Room: If you are someone who feels too cold, this tip is for you. Just by keeping a blanket available in each room, you can eliminate the need to raise the temperature every now and then. This is an extremely easy yet effective solution that can ensure you a warm and cozy winter without any fights over the thermostat temperature.
  • Zone Your Home: A zoned or a ductless HVAC system can help you maintain different temperatures for different rooms in your home. HVAC systems often use multiple thermostats in order to cool or heat different zones of a house. It is an excellent option for people with different preferences for a comfortable temperature.
  • Run Your Ceiling Fan In Clockwise Direction: Warm air rises and collects near the ceiling of your room. For the warm air to circulate all around the room, you can run your ceiling fan in a clockwise direction at a low speed. This way, the cooling effect of the fan is eliminated, and so is the need to change the thermostat temperature.
  • Dress According To Your Comfort: Another simple yet effective solution that does not cost a thing is to dress accordingly. If you tend to feel too cold, you can add another layer of clothing. On the other hand, if you feel too hot, you can lose certain layers such as socks or thick sweaters.
  • Wear House Slippers: You would be surprised to know how such a small thing can do wonders to make you feel comfortable in your house within minutes. Not many people know that our feet are the first of all body parts where we begin to feel cold. Just by covering your feet with warm socks and slippers, you will instantly feel warm and cozy.

Other than the above-mentioned ways, you can also make sure that the windows and doors in your house are sealed so that cold air does not enter. Insulating the windows is a great method for preventing heat loss. By following these simple steps, you can save yourself from getting into an argument over the thermostat and have a comfortable, cozy, and warm winter season.

Do you want to fix your thermostat before the winter season or want to install HVAC systems? Call Arellano Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC to get your home winter-ready!

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