Feeling A Cold Draft? Here Are The Places To Check For Drafts In Home

Dec 20, 2019

If you are experiencing cold spots across your home, know that it is time to look around for drafts. House drafts are commonplace in households. They are leakages that allow hot indoor air to escape and cold outdoor air to get in. Not only that, but drafts can also increase your energy bills by sending your heating system into overdrive.
In order to find drafts, turn up your thermostat and look for places that don’t feel hot. Some usual areas are old windows, worn doors, and outlet covers. If you want detailed information on air leakages in your home, hire a qualified expert who has the knowledge and equipment to perform a thorough inspection and provide accurate results.
Places To Look For Drafts In The Home
1)    Windows
Move your hand over a closed window and see if you feel any cold air passing. It is quite common to find leaks in window sills that get worn out due to continuous exposure to sunlight. A visual inspection will help you detect the damaged wood or cracked glass around the edges that may be the cause for drafts.
2)   Doors
Check both the front and back doors for drafts. Heat can sometimes pass through the opening at the bottom of the doors or right through door frames. If you want to keep drafts out, you can install a door sweep or replace the screen doors with storm doors completely.
3)   Chimneys
Well, chimneys are drafty by definition. This means that you have to pay close attention to the air flowing around the brick and edges of your fireplace. If you feel any cold air coming through, get the leaks fixed immediately. Placing a chimney cover on the chimney when you are not using it also helps avoid any chimney drafts at home.
4)   Attics And Basements
Did you know that your attics, eaves, and basements are the places that experience the most heat loss in your home? Many older homes in America have fiberglass insulation that is not as efficient as the modern foam insulation, and this results in their attics and walls becoming drafty.
5)   Exterior Walls And Outlets
When looking around your home for drafts, you must surely check the exterior walls. It is common for insulation on the walls to become compromised over time. You can call a professional heating and cooling specialist to perform an energy audit and find out the drafty places. You should also check outlets as many drafts can leak through them.
Ways To Fix The Drafts
So, you are done with your home leakage testing. Now what? It’s time to step up and use these effective methods to seal the leaks!
1)    Caulking
In caulking, you use a white, wet gooey material to seal the air leaks, cracks, and gaps. You can also use the sealer to cover the joints that are less than one-quarter inch wide. There are a variety of caulking compounds available in the market, all come in different properties, strengths, and prices. Opt for a water-based caulking material or solvent-based caulking material. The choice is yours!
2)   Weather Stripping
Weatherstripping is another method used to seal air leaks around windows, doors, and any movable pieces. You need to choose the right weatherstripping for drafty places if you want to get the right results.
3)   Insulation
Completely insulating your home is another way with which you can seal the drafts and ensure a comfortable atmosphere throughout the year. You can increase insulation in certain areas of your home like the basement and the attic as they experience the most drafts.
If you need a qualified professional who can inspect your house for drafts and provide you with a proper solution, Arellano Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC is your go-to expert! Call us today at 775-463-9520!

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