7 Things You Should NEVER Put Down Your Drains

In order to keep your plumbing in working order, there are some things you should avoid putting down your drains. If you do end up with a clogged drain, calling a plumber is the best option. Below are things you should avoid putting down your drain.

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can get stuck in your pipes or garbage disposal and can lead to clogs by sticking together to other foods. It’s best to throw your coffee grounds into the trash with the filter.


Medication won’t necessarily clog your drain but it can be dangerous if it’s introduced to the environment through the water. For that reason make sure you throw away your medication.


Butter, margarine, or other similar butter alternatives can lead to a build up in your pipes. This buildup is water resistant and can lead to clogs. It’s best to just put butter in your trash when you’re done.

Pasta and Rice

Pasta and rice are together because they do pretty much the same thing when introduced to your pipes. When wet they become sticky and this can cause them to stick to other foods and the pipes, causing a block.

Oil, Grease, and Fat

Oil, grease, and fat have a tendency to congeal and cause clogs. These things repel water which means that running the water won’t break them apart.


Eggshells are not good for the garbage disposal. Because they can cause damage to the blades, they can also end up getting stuck in the pipes. When you crack your eggs open, toss the shells into the garbage and not the drain.


The stickers on the fruits you buy at the grocery store are not water dissolvable. This means that they can get stuck along your pipes. They can also get through filters at a water filtration plant. It’s best practice to remove these stickers before washing your fruit.

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