Keeping your House Cool when AC breaks

No one wants to deal with a broken AC in the middle of summer! While there are plenty of ways to avoid this from happening, sometimes the situation is out of your control, and the best you can do is work with what you’ve got. We’ve compiled a list of ways to keep your home cool while waiting for a replacement or repair of your AC. Keep reading to learn how to beat the heat in unfavorable circumstances.

Cover windows

Stop the harsh sun rays from heating your living space by closing your window’s blinds or curtains. This simple act makes a huge difference in keeping as much cool air in your home as possible.

Turn off lights

While light bulbs may be small, they still produce heat! Turn off whatever lights you don’t need to keep your living space as cool as possible. Consider replacing lights with LED bulbs, which emit less heat.

Turn on Fan

Whether it’s a ceiling fan or a plug-in fan, you can’t go wrong with a nice breeze. You can utilize fans as a makeshift AC system with water and ice. Put ice and water into a bowl or bucket and place underneath the fan. While it might not be as effective as your standard AC, it can still make a difference in summer’s heat!

Avoid using oven and stove

If you were thinking of cooking something while your AC is out, think again. Without the help of an AC, both the stovetop and oven will heat up the area quite quickly. You might want to order take out for the time being and postpone the cooking until after the AC is fixed.

Insulate doors and windows

In the same way insulation keeps the heat in during the winter; it also keeps the cool air inside during the summer!

Open windows at night

When the sun has gone down, open the windows and let some of the cool fresh air in your home, and close them when you wake up in the morning. Not only does this help keep your home cool, it will also help your home feel less stuffy.

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