Signs Your Heating System is in Trouble

Your home’s heating system is an essential part of your comfort and health. Minor problems can quickly turn into much larger ones, leading to pricey repairs, health risks, higher bills, etc. That being said, It’s important to know the signs of a failing heating system so you know when it’s time to call a professional. Keep reading to learn about a few of the common symptoms you can look out for to prevent a heating system disaster.

Dramatic Temperature Changes

Most heating systems provide a steady temperature throughout the house, each room only differentiating by one or two degrees. If you start to notice a difference from room to room, it might be time to contact a professional and have them evaluate and make a diagnosis.

Excessive Dust

Excessive amounts of dust are usually signs that your heating system needs a good clean. Your heating system can’t work efficiently while dirty; clean air can’t be produced amidst the dust and other grime. On top of the lack of efficiency, the dust emitted due to a dirty heating system can cause health problems, especially to those with asthma or other preexisting conditions. Get in touch with a professional that can provide you with a thorough cleaning service.

Abnormal Noises and Sounds

Some sounds are expected for a working heating system, such as the sound of air blowing into a room or the system starting up. However, other noises can be a sign of a severe problem that a professional should immediately look at. Squealing and rattling are two sounds you should keep an open ear for. Squealing is typically caused by loose belts or parts rubbing against each other. Rattling sounds may come from loose bolts or pieces that aren’t fully secure. Whether you’re hearing a rattling or squeaking, or any other abnormal noise, it’s in your heating system’s best interest to have a professional take a look at what’s going on.

Higher Utility Bills

Rising utility bills are often the result of your heating system working harder than it needs to due to something out of place or in need of repair. Keep in mind the average price you pay each month, and if that price changes drastically, you can seek a diagnosis or some extra help from a professional.

Unusual Smells

Your heating system should have little to no scent when it’s working as it should. However, there are a few common smells you should be aware of that potentially signify problems in your system. Mustiness, mildew, and other foul smells can indicate dirty air ducts, filters, or bacteria build-up. In this case, you need a thorough cleaning, and the smells should go away. Other smells like rotten eggs or burning can signify a gas leak or an electrical issue, and both warrant immediate attention and can become dangerous quickly.

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