Tips to Keep Kids From Causing Plumbing Problems

Install Toilet Seat Locks:

Curious toddlers love exploring the bathroom. What’s more fun than throwing toys into a big bowl of water? On the other hand, parents don’t have as much fun with their toddlers’ discoveries. Investing in a toilet seat lock is an easy solution to eliminating the risk of a plumbing issue caused by toys getting stuck and clogging pipes. While this might seem to be a hassle to install now, it fails to compare to the potential plumbing disaster that may ensue.

Teach Kids How Much Toilet Paper to Use:

When kids are being potty trained, they might not grasp the concept of how much toilet paper they need to clean themselves. One of the most common causes of toilet clogs is using too much toilet paper. When children are old enough to wipe themselves, make sure to teach them how much toilet paper should be used and how much is too much!

Avoid Keeping Paper Towels and Baby Wipes in Bathroom:

Do you ever use the restroom to realize there’s no toilet paper left? You’ve probably been inclined to look around and see what’s around to clean yourself as an alternative. However, toilet paper is the only item, besides human waste, that should ever be flushed down the toilet. Other things like paper towels and baby wipes are not made to be flushed and do not decompose the same way toilet paper does. Unless you’ve specifically taught your children to avoid flushing paper towels and baby wipes, they’ve probably had the same inclination to use them that you’ve had. A simple solution is to take baby wipes and paper towels out of the bathroom. If you’re against that, try talking to your kids about the importance of not flushing anything besides toilet paper.

Don’t Allow Toys in Bathroom:

Kids seem to always need a toy in their hands wherever they go, including the bathroom. Big or small, toys are a hazard to every plumbing system. Small toys can slip down the bathtub or sink drain, whereas larger toys can be flushed down the toilet; either can cause a plumbing nightmare. Make it easy on yourself, and create a family rule prohibiting toys in the bathroom. If you have bath toys, encourage children to play with them rather than bring in other toys.

Drain Covers and Catchers:

Some things like hair and soap are not as easy to prevent from slipping down drains, yet they’re still one of the most common causes of drain clogs. A drain catcher filters out hair while still draining water when you’re taking a shower and is an excellent option for those with long or thick hair that tends to clog up the drain. Drain covers are typically used outdoors to protect drains and gutters from pests, toys, and anything else that might disrupt the proper flow.

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