How to Save Money on Heating This Winter

Low winter temperatures bring high heating bills! If you’re looking to save money on next month’s bills, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve outlined a few ideas to help you save while still keeping warm!

Keep Warm Air Circulating With Fan:

Just like a fan helps to circulate cool air throughout your house in the summertime, it can also help spread warmth during the winter. You can try turning on the fan when you’ve first turned on your heater to help the warmth distribute throughout your home evenly and more efficiently.

Use Space Heater in Smaller Spaces:

Space heaters are a great way to save money instead of heating every room of your house with your heating system. If you have guest rooms, or an office that isn’t used as much as other living areas, it might be a good idea to invest in a space heater to use when these rooms are in use. Another way to use a space heater is in bedrooms that aren’t used during the day. Simply turn on the space heater when getting ready for bed, and turn it off again in the morning when you leave.

Turn Down Thermostat at Night:

Before you call it a day and head to bed, turn down the thermostat when you’re sleeping. The house doesn’t need to be as warm at night when you’re tucked underneath warm blankets as it does during the day! Test out lower temperatures over the next few days and see how you sleep. Add another layer of blankets if you need. The 8 hours of cooler temperatures in the house, while you’re sleeping, will end up saving you more than you’d expect on your next energy bill.

Let the Sun Shine Through Windows:

Though the winter doesn’t bring in as much sunshine as other seasons, you can still make use of what is still showing! The sun is a free natural source of heat that you should use to your advantage during the day. Draw back your curtains or open the blinds in front of your windows to let in the sunlight during the day to give your home a little extra warmth.

Insulate Windows:

Windows are one of the top sources of cool air entering your home. A simple way to help this issue is insulating your windows. It’s simple, doesn’t cost much, and is efficient in keeping your house warm during the colder weather months.

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