5 Ways to Keep Your Water Bill Low This Summer

It’s easy to let your water bill skyrocket in the summer months. It’s hot, and you want to stay cool; the kids are home using the appliances, and the landscaping outside requires more water! Here are five ways you can save on water bills this summer.

Fix any Drips or Leaks

Take a few minutes to examine the faucets throughout your home. Are there any leaks or drips? Get those fixed! Often drips can be fixed just by tightening a screw! This easy fix can significantly reduce your water waste.

Manage Sprinklers

Ensure the sprinklers in your yard are placed correctly to efficiently water your grass/plants without wasting water spraying onto areas that don’t need water (patios, rocky areas, dirt, etc.)

Install Low-flow Toilets and Showerheads

Did you know that replacing just one showerhead with a low-flow showerhead can save 2900 gallons of water per year? Multiply that by the number of showers you have in your home, and it makes a significant difference. Low-flow toilets are the same way. Making these adjustments in your home’s bathroom is the most effective way to lower your water bill.

Add Aerators to Faucets

Faucet aerators are one of the simplest ways to save money on your water bill. They’re easy to install and have benefits besides just reducing water waste! Aerators make the water flow of your faucet more efficient. On top of this, Aerators filter sediment and give water a fresher taste.

Use Dishwasher Instead of Handwashing

Not only do dishwashers make washing dishes easier and less time-consuming, but they also significantly reduce water waste. Hand washing a whole load of dishes can use up to 27 gallons of water. On the other hand, a full load in a dishwasher might only use just 3 gallons. Multiply the number of times you do dishes and see how much water you can save!

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