3 Causes of Low Water Pressure

Are you experiencing low water pressure in your home and don’t know where to begin to find a solution? Here we will discuss a view simple possible causes of low water pressure, and their solutions. Arellano Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning LLC has the experience and knowledge to quickly diagnose low water pressure issues and help you to find the right fix, whether the cause is one of the reasons below, or something else.

• Check all inlet valves
Believe it or not, many times a low water pressure results from a half-open inlet valve or main house line. Check the main water inlet valves usually situated below your washbasin, or sink. If they are not turned fully to one side, then do so immediately and check your water flow from your main taps. After that check your main house line and ensure that it is fully turned to open. This will increase your water pressure. If the problem is not solved, then read on below.

• Rusted or corroded piping
Depending upon the last time your home water piping was changed, old metal pipes get corroded sooner than you might think. As a result of which, water leaks out and you experience low water pressure. You may have noticed that water pressure has been lowered recently, which may point to a tear in the pipes themselves. Switching to a modern PVC pipe, or even brass or copper piping can ensure much longer-lasting performance. Let your plumber tell you of the appropriate pipe width and material that suits your budget. If your piping has corroded, it is time to replace them, to ensure adequate pressure across the water system.

• Leaking fixtures
Depending upon the water quality in your area, your water may be ‘hard’ or ‘soft’. Both types bring in their own sediments which get filtered at the tap’s mouth. This usually clogs up the bath and toilet fixtures with salt and other deposits over time, which have to be serviced and cleaned. If you have avoided doing that so far, then over time, your water pressure is likely to get lowered. You may be considering installing a pressure booster motor for increasing your water supply when the problem may be that your fixtures themselves are clogged up. In this scenario, call in a professional hardware company that services and replaces bath fixtures, for a routine cleaning job.

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