3 Ways To Combat Dry Winter Air

Central heating is used in most homes and offices in Nevada to combat the cold, dry winters. Modern-day life is not possible without central heating powered by electricity. However, in our busy life schedules, we may forget to attend to minute matters that can make us uncomfortable.

The weather in Nevada is mostly dry in the cold winters, and centrally heated interiors tend to become drier as the heat sucks up the little moisture present in the air. An arid surrounding can create skin problems and even breathing problems as the standard air required by the body needs some moisture content.

Here are few tips on how you can maintain the interior moisture content in the dry, cold weather:

Interior ponds and waterfalls
Small ponds in interior spaces, especially large spaces, add charm to the surroundings. You may have water plants and fishes in interior ponds. Plants purify and refresh the air and lend beauty to the room’s décor. The water gets vaporized from the pond due to central heating and helps maintain interior moisture levels. A lot of creativity can be achieved with water. Some interiors can look good with lighted interior waterfalls that fall into the pond.

Floating potpourris
Not all rooms may have ponds and waterfalls as they may require renovation and construction. A more natural way to be creative with water is by using floating potpourris. Potpourris are used as décor items to enliven the interiors. In the potpourri, you may have fragrant flowers and scented candles. Floating potpourris that float over water in containers are an inexpensive way to decorate interiors as well as add moisture to the air. The water slowly evaporates from the container due to central heating, and the vapor maintains the humidity levels. It is a good idea to place more than one floating potpourri if the room is large.

Don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated
In summers, when temperatures are higher, we like to take in a lot of liquids. In winters, we may miss out on giving our bodies the water it requires daily. Winters may make us lazy and unwilling to get up, and drinking glasses of plain water can seem tiresome.

Make plenty of soups, teas, and herbal beverages for you and your family. Green tea and herbal drinks not only keep you warm but also help you in maintaining your immunity levels. If it is hard to drink glasses of water, then add a little warm water to normal water. You may have your regular orange juice at breakfast, mixed with a little warm water. Orange juice contains beta carotene that helps maintain strong immunity. The body needs water at body temperature. Even if you are having plenty of hot liquids, you will still need to drink glasses of water at body temperature to keep your system fit. Always keep your skin well moistened with lotions and creams as cracked skin is an easy inlet for germs to enter your body.

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