How Can A Zone Control System Save You Money?

Summer and winter seasons in Nevada can get pretty uncomfortable with the average temperature oscillating typically between 93°F and 24°F. On such outrageously hot and cold days, your heating and cooling system works even harder to maintain a pleasant atmosphere in your home. While you focus on keeping your home comfortable, it gets difficult to keep the energy consumption levels in control!

In fact, the operational cost of HVAC systems accounts for the largest proportion of the home’s utility expenditures. Undoubtedly, you may be looking for ways to reduce your energy bills without having to sacrifice on the comfort of your home. For this purpose, a zoned HVAC system is what you desperately need! Read on to learn more about this smart way to save money.

What Is A Zone Control System?

A zone control system is an upgrade on your existing HVAC systems. It allows you to better regulate the temperature of each room or zone in your home. In case you have less frequented rooms, uneven heating issues across various rooms, different temperature preferences amongst family members, and of course, rising utility bills, a zone control system can help. It gives every person the power to control the temperature of his or her room while ensuring the best heating and cooling performance possible.

How Does It Work?

A zone control system is composed of a series of valves and shutters which are installed at various spots in your duct system. This room-by-room unit divides your home into various small sections. Every section gets a separate thermostat along with a valve and a shutter which are wired to one single control panel. With these smart advancements, a zone control system allows you to regulate the temperature of each section or room individually. The thermostat will first read its area’s predetermined zone temperature settings and then regulate the dampers’ opening and closing within the ductwork. This regulated air circulation helps you achieve the desired temperature level for every room that meets your needs.

Lower Energy Bills Will Be A Reality

While a zoning system may not directly improve your HVAC system’s efficiency, you do enjoy more control on regulating the temperature of each room. Based on the use of the room and your temperature preferences, you can set the temperature on your thermostat of that particular room. And if there are extra rooms that you don’t use much, you can shut the dampers closed in those rooms.

• A Zoning System Can Be Added To Your Existing HVAC System

Furthermore, a zone control system can be installed within your existing HVAC system. This means you needn’t worry about expensive system replacements. At an affordable price, you can get a professional HVAC technician to make the necessary upgrades and installations at your home. Besides, adding zones to your existing HVAC system also supports its heating and cooling efficiency whilst reducing the risk of major breakdowns. It prevents excessive wear and tear by dividing big areas into small sections in your home, particularly the extra rooms and floors, spacious rooms with big windows, and large finished basements.

• You’ll Get The Benefits Of Using Modern Technology

Modern technology always comes with more efficiency and greater ease of use! The technologically-advanced zone control system offers you remote options to regulate the temperatures of every room. You can even control the humidity level, fan speed, and much more. As making the necessary adjustments in your HVAC becomes simpler, you can quickly set the heating and cooling functions throughout your home according to the changing weather. This brings you even more cost benefits! Besides the energy savings, you’ll also experience an improved comfort level in every area of your home.

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